For the last year my family has been living a splintered life. Fractured. I use these adjectives because splinters can be removed; a fracture can be repaired. A year ago my husband.. my best friend had to leave to complete a project in another state. To say that this altered our world is an understatement. He is my rock.  He is the calm to my storm. He bring balance to our family. When I am stressed.. he is calm. When the kids are making me lose my mind he takes over. After all he is the one who’s words were the inspiration for this blog. He is there to remind me that… this is just where we are right now.  Today is not permanent.. tomorrow will come and things will change. There were definitely moments this past year that I was not sure that tomorrow would come or that this short term journey would end.

The kids and I tackled many hurtles.  We had a a tree break right after my husband left that took us almost 24 hours to cut up and haul away. Our water heater broke in the middle of the night. Had to have the stove replaced. The washer decided to take its last breathe during one of the busiest weeks. Our daughter became very ill with a strange stomach bug that required testing and caused her to lose weight.  This was on top of two ridiculous sports schedules, work, and just regular life.  I know that many single parents tackle these things all the time. We are capable to do these things. However, when you build a life with someone and then suddenly that person is not there to help shoulder life’s hurtles or make you laugh in the midst of the chaos and the storm.. or call you out when you are being ridiculous it can seem unbearable.

Many days have past. The sun has come up each new day and I have been able to look back on yesterday’s lessons to become a better person, mother and wife. Now we are back together getting ready to set off on a victory adventure. We are not longer fractured or splintered.. we are whole.. we are together. Yesterday is where we were.. but today however imperfect.. this is where we  are… together.