Stop Trying to Supermom and Just be a Super Mom

We are all guilty of the Pinterest pinning, Facebook highlight reel drooling, and the Instagram scrolling about how things should be or could be. “My house could look like that”.  “Maybe my family should go there”. ” Wow it must be nice to be the Jones’.”  Yep I do it. It can bring a person down. Rob us the happiness that is right in front us.

We are not the same. You and I lead different lives. Your schedule is not my schedule. My circumstances are not yours. So why compare? Why allow others joy or adventure to bring us misery and contempt? Each day we have a choice. How can we better today for us and our family? I am not supermom. However, I do find that if I don’t make a plan I am indeed planning to fail. I asked my kids last night if my list for the week of dinners and letting them know what is ahead as far as sports, school and my own work obligations helps them. I expected a shrugged shoulder response. “Sure mom.” But instead my son told me that he likes the schedule with meals.. (straight to a man’s heart through his stomach). My daughter said that knowing the details of the week help know what’s coming up and what she needs to do.

So often I see moms putting on this front to their kids like they aren’t stressed but then rattling off to friends and co-workers about all that is weighing on their minds. For me this act of bottling up leads to snapping at my family. I don’t think that we should burden our children with things they cannot control but teaching them about time management is important. My twins are eight and I certainly did not list off the family obligations to them at five but they NEED to learn to be responsible for what they can control with of course a little help from us their parents.

We keep a short easy list for the week. It may seem over simple but it does the trick for us. This little window that I believe I purchased at target hangs in our kitchen and each Sunday I write down everything and meal plan. Everyone knows what to expect and mom has her marching orders for the week.

What small little things do you do that help keep your family on track from week to week?