How to Kick the Blues

There has been a lot talk lately about changes. A lot of my conversations with family, friends, and even myself about wanting something different from life. Slowing down, reclaiming time for family and for myself. I never thought of myself as a discontent person. I still don’t. However, I am taking a look around lately and noticing that I would like something different. Not an abrupt change.. but a change.

I see people that I think are living their best life. They are traveling, working remotely, being present in their lives. I find that I most days I am just keeping my head above water. I ask myself… what can I do differently that will change my life. Make an impact on my family. I think about changing jobs, about taking my kids out of their sports, starting a small business, finding a new hobby.. anything that you can think of that would change my outlook.

This past weekend I met another mom by chance at my daughter’s swim practice. Have you ever had one of those chance encounters that you walk away from and realize that this was not by chance that you met this person. Had a honest open conversation with a total stranger? Only later to realize that nothing happens by chance. We talked about the stress of making decisions for our children, ourselves, our family. We kibitzed about the stresses of being a mom. Wondering if the decisions that we make are the right ones. This women, fellow mom in trenches, kept repeating something that is tugging at mind and heart still… it all about choices.

We are in charge of our choices. We wake each day and we make the choices for our day. We decide to hit snooze and then rush to make up the time that we lost sleeping. We have a choice. We decide how to react to the stress of the day. (Sometimes I feel like my kids make these choices for me.. but I am the adult.) We decide the sign our kids up for activities. We decide to workout.. or not. We decide.

How do we change our lives? We make a change. We decide. What do we want our life to look like? We decide. This mom reminded me that my life is what I have chosen. My life is a direct result of the choices that I have made. This all may sound a little 1990s self help book.. but its true. We decide what our best life life is. I know that most days I feel pinned by this life I am living. Busy, tired, stressed and overwhelmed. We have to start with small changes that will lead to big changes. I don’t know yet what that is for me and I most certainly cannot tell you what changes you should make. Stay tuned because I am looking at small changes that I hope will snowball into my best life.